Why are communications services free?

The Massachusetts state legislature has eliminated the charge for phone and other communications services provided to incarcerated individuals in Massachusetts and their loved ones effective December 1, 2023.

Are communications services free at my loved one’s facility?

Yes! Beginning December 1, 2023, all communications services at correctional facilities in Massachusetts will be free.

What Securus communications services will be free?

All phone calling, Securus Video Connect, Securus Text Connect, eMessaging, eCard, VideoGram and photo attachment services will be available to you and your incarcerated loved one at no cost. Not all services are available at each facility. Please check with the facility to verify the list of available services.

What if my incarcerated loved one’s facility does not offer some of the Securus services included in the free communications initiative?

The availability of Securus products varies by facility. Some facilities may not offer our entire technology suite. However, the communications services provided by Securus that are available at your facility will be accessible to you at no cost.

Who is eligible to receive free communications services?

All incarcerated individuals at any facility in the state of Massachusetts and their family and friends will receive no-cost communication services. No-cost communication services will begin on December 1, 2023.

What must I do to receive free communications services?

Nothing! Communications services will automatically be available to you and your incarcerated loved ones on December 1, 2023.

How will my incarcerated loved one know that communications are now free?

We’ve informed incarcerated individuals about the availability of no-cost communications.

If I have additional questions about the free communications services, who should I ask?

For questions about free communications, please contact the facility where your loved one is housed.


How do I use free phone calls?

Your incarcerated loved one will no longer call you collect, as there will be no charge. You will continue to accept calls from your incarcerated loved one just as you do today. The only difference is that the calls will now be free!

Are there any restrictions on free calling?

There may be restrictions on calls put in place by the facility – such as maximum call duration limits, call schedules or other facility-implemented call controls.

Are long-distance calls free?

Yes. Long-distance calling is offered at no cost.

Are international calls free?

Yes. International calling is offered at no cost.

Will phone calls still be monitored?

Yes. All non-private phone calls will continue to be subject to recording and review per the facility’s current call monitoring policies. There is no change.


How will eMessaging work?

eMessaging will operate just as it does today, except you won’t be required to purchase stamps to communicate with your loved one.

Are eMessaging add-ons (eCards, photo attachments, etc.) included?

Yes. All additional eMessaging add-on services – including eCards, VideoGrams and photo attachments – will be available at no cost.

Will eMessages still be recorded and reviewed?

Yes. All eMessages and related services (VideoGrams, photo attachments, etc.) will continue to be subject to the monitoring policies implemented at your incarcerated loved one’s facility.

What will happen to my remaining eMessaging stamps? Will there be refunds for unused stamps?

We encourage you and your incarcerated loved one to use up all available stamps before December 1, 2023. There will be no refunds for stamps that were already purchased.


How will video connect sessions work?

Video connect sessions will continue to operate just as they do today. You’ll still reserve your visitation times via Securus Online or the Securus Mobile app. All video connect sessions scheduled for December 1, 2023 or later will be free of charge.

Will video connect sessions still be monitored?

Yes. All video connect sessions will continue to be subject to recording and review per their facility’s current monitoring policies.


I purchased Securus Text Connect packages to message my incarcerated loved one. Will I receive a refund for any unused messages?

You will not receive a refund on any unused STC messages, so we encourage you to use up all available STC messages before December 1, 2023.


My incarcerated loved one purchased prepaid calling cards to pay for phone calls. Will they receive a refund?

They will not receive a refund on any prepaid calling cards, so we encourage them to use those cards for phone calling before December 1, 2023.


What will happen to the remaining funds in my AdvanceConnect account?

If you only use your current AdvanceConnect account to pay for calls from correctional facilities in Massachusetts, you may close your account and request a full refund of the unused balance. For help with closing your account or requesting a refund, click here.

If you receive phone calls from incarcerated individuals at Securus-served facilities outside of Massachusetts, you should not close your AdvanceConnect account, as doing so would prevent you from receiving and paying for calls from those facilities.


What will happen to the remaining funds in my loved one’s Securus Debit account?

Nothing. Funds in Securus Debit accounts will remain available for the incarcerated to use on any available Securus service – such as tablet games, music, movies or other non-communication technology – at the facility.