Inquiry form for all dropped calls billed by Securus Correctional Billing Services (SCBS)

    I am the customer of record and party responsible for telephone service located at

    Email Address

    Dropped call disputes must be submitted within 90 days of the date of the call in order to be eligible to receive a call credit. I hereby affirm that the following calls initiated in the last 90 days were disconnected prematurely before I or the other party completed the collect call. I am disputing the following calls billed to my above referenced telephone account:







    Fields marked with an * are required. - Please use this pattern for time fields: 00:00
    Phone fields must include only numbers and at least only 10 number digits for nationwide numbers and 15 digits for internationals as required.

    This document authorizes SCBS to conduct a complete investigation to determine why these calls terminated. I understand that in order to fully investigate this matter, SCBS may access call records, call recordings or other records pertaining to my telephone account, and I authorize SCBS this access.

    SCBS will solely credit calls placed to landline or cell numbers if the calls terminated for reasons SCBS is able to verify. Calls are verified to determine reason for disconnect. Calls will not be credited if any of the following occurred:

    When Securus Correctional Billing Services has completed their investigation, my account will be updated with actions taken to address these disputes. The investigation could take up to 5 days to complete upon receipt of form. I understand and agree that completing this form does not absolve me from financial responsibility should the above charges be sustained at the completion of the investigation. This form provides the authorization for SCBS to research and investigate the calls listed above.

    If SCBS determines that the calls under investigation was terminated due to either party disconnecting the call, I understand I will be responsible for the call charges. If SCBS determines the calls were prematurely disconnected at no fault of either party, adjustments will be made to my telephone account.