Now you can setup an AdvanceConnect prepaid calling account and include certain telephone numbers outside of the U.S in your authorized phone number list to receive calls from your loved one. The phone number must have a country code associated with a country in the below list:

<Note not all facilities allow international calling; check with your facility>

·        Australia
·        Austria
·        Belgium
·        Brazil
·        England
·        Finland
·        France
·        Georgia
·        Germany
·        Ireland
·        Italy
·        Mexico
·        Netherlands
·        Northern Ireland
·        Norway
·        Puerto Rico
·        Scotland
·        Spain
·        Sweden
·        Switzerland
·        Wales

You must fund your account using U.S. currency using a credit, debit or prepaid Visa or Mastercard or via MoneyGram or Western Union. We do not accept international funds.