If your incarcerated individual is located at a facility that Securus provides services, the easiest way to get setup to receive phone calls and use other communication services is to use our website or free apps for Android and iOS.

Phone calls

You cannot make calls to the facility; the incarcerated individual will make outbound calls. You can setup an AdvanceConnect prepaid calling account, add funds and when the individual calls you the cost of the call is deducted from this account. You can add all the phone numbers you’d like to be paid for from this account.

Securus Debit

The individual may have a Securus Debit account. Some facilities allow you to make a deposit to this account and they can also transfer money from their Trust or Commissary account. Note this account is not for Commissary spending. They will use this account to pay for their phone calls, stamps for eMessaging and if available media for their tablets.


You can send messages, photos, eCards and VideoGrams at many facilities. Enroll in eMessaging from the website or apps – it is the only way to use this messaging service (not from your personal email account). The individual may be able to reply to your messages. Not all services available at all facilities.

Video Connect

This is a scheduled 2-way video call that enables you to share real time conversations. Enroll in Video Connect from the website or apps – it is the only way to have a video call. As part of the enrollment you are asked for a picture of your government issued ID as well as a photo of yourself. The facility reviews your information and will need to approve you to use this service. You will get an email once approved or rejected.