Did you receive an email or text message from an incarcerated loved one? 

Incarcerated loved ones can send their Family & Friends a pre-written request through email or text notifying the Family and Friends of something they may need at no cost.

Incarcerated loved ones can send up to 10 request per day. 

This service will allow incarcerated individuals to send an email or text to their Family and Friends requesting the following 5 options:

  • Fund a Prepaid Account
  • Request a Video Visit
  • Fund Commissary
  • Fund Securus Debit
  • Request a Tablet
  • Can Family and Friends opt in and opt out of Incarcerated Individual Request?

Yes, Family and Friends can select to opt in or opt out of Incarcerated Individual Request emails and text.

Family and Friends can opt in/opt out of receiving Incarcerated Individual notifications by logging into their Securus account and go to Securus Alerts. From there, the customer can opt out of receiving email and text notifications. Family and Friends can also text the word ‘Stop’ to the number the message was sent from to opt out of receiving text messages and text ‘Unstop’ to opt back into receiving Incarcerated Individual request notifications.

Below is an Incarcerated Individual Request Email Example or what you may have received-