Effective September 1, 2020 the fee to fund a Securus account through Western Union will be $4.95. 

Western Union now has 2 forms and a phone service. (Timeframe to post- up to 3 hours provided the correct information was provided)

Forms that are available depend on location. Phone Services also depend on location.

Some locations still have the Blue Quick Collect form however some locations have a multi section form and some have a phone service.

If the Blue Quick Collect form is available, the customer will fill out the following information:

Section 1
Pay to Name (or Code City): Securus

Account Number
6 or 8-digit Customer ID number

Send Amount (Dollars)
Dollar amount

Section 2
Choose a Payment Speed
Do Not Use

Section 3
Your Information
**Email is not needed**

Section 4
Your Signature

If the multi-section form is available, the customer will need to fill out the “Pay a Bill” section.

Top of form-

**Email is not needed**

Pay A Bill Section

Company Name or Code City: Securus

Account Number:
6- or 8-digit Customer ID number

Send Amount (Dollars)
Dollar amount

Do Not Use

Sign Here
Your signature


If no forms are available you will be directed to the red phone. Pick up the red phone headset, talk to an agent who will then put your information into the system and then you will pay at the register and receive a receipt.