Securus has enforced a $50.00 per transaction maximum funding amount for AdvanceConnect and Securus Debit account transactions processed through Securus Online (, Securus’ Customer Service IVR, Securus’ Customer Service Agents, and Automated Information Services (AIS).

 This funding maximum does not apply to family & friends associated to facilities with $0 funding fee, 3rd party points-of-sale such as MoneyGram, Western Union, JPay, etc., payments made for Direct Billed or Traditional Collect accounts, or family & friends associated to TDCJ and WI DOC.

Q: Why is this change being made?

A: This change is being made in an ongoing effort to reduce fraudulent transaction claims, which ultimately is good for the public. Many consumers will not be impacted by this change as most funding is currently below $50.00 per transition.

Q: Can I make one transaction of $50 and immediately make another transaction of $50?

A: Yes

Q: Does this change impact transaction fees?

A: No, this change only implements a maximum funding amount of $50.00 per transactions for select points-of-sale.