Securus Inbound Connect is a feature of AdvanceConnect that allows you to connect using your Securus mobile app. There is no cost to sign up.

  • Go to your AdvanceConnect account on the Securus app on your smartphone and select ‘Inbound Connect’
  • Add your loved one as a contact
  • When you start a connection, your loved one will receive a real time notification on their personal tablet
  • Get Connected!

Note: Inbound Connect feature availability may vary by agency. Standard call rates, taxes, and fees apply. Real time notifications are provided only on Personal Tablets.

If I use Securus Inbound Connect™, is this truly an inbound call? 

No, you are essentially submitting a request through the Securus mobile app for a call request from the incarcerated person. 

If the incarcerated person agrees, then an expedited outbound call is initiated. An expedited call is preprogrammed with the incarcerated individual’s information so that the outbound call process is quicker.