To decide which account is better to fund there are several factors you should consider:

  • You own the funds that are deposited in an AdvanceConnect Account and any remaining balance can be refunded to you upon account closure.  Any deposit to the Securus Debit account becomes the property of the incarcerated individual and any refund upon release would be provided to that individual regardless of where it originated.
  • Do you have multiple friends or family members that you want to be able to receive calls that you are willing to pay for? Do you have a work and mobile number that you want to receive calls on?
    • If the above is true, enroll in an AdvanceConnect account.  This account is owned by you.
  • Does your incarcerated loved one want to call friends and family that you don’t want to pay for?
    • If the above is true, make a deposit to a Securus Debit account.  Your individual will be able to call anyone on their facility approved list and the payment is drawn out of their Debit account. 
  • There may be other servicesavailable at the specific facility where your incarcerated friend resides and their Debit funds can be used to purchase service other than calls.  For example
    • Stamps for eMessaging
    • Purchase or rental of music, movies, games, and other digital media from a robust library of titles
    • Not all services available at all facilities.