Once logged into the Securus Online account, click on Find Contact to add an incarcerated individual’s Securus Debit account to fund.

NOTE: not all incarcerated individuals have an Securus Debit account and some facilities do not permit deposits from family and friends to the Securus Debit account.  Reminder that this is NOT a Commissary account.

To find an Incarcerated Individual

  • Search by incarcerated individual’s name (First & Last Name)
  • Select Facility State
  • Select Facility Name
  • Click Search
  • You can search by Incarcerated Individuals ID
  • Enter Incarcerated Individuals Number (JID)
  • Enter State
  • Select Search

Click Add Contact to add the Account

Note: if the incarcerated individual is not located, they may not be eligible for this type of account

To add an additional Securus Debit Account- follow the same process.