If the incarcerated individual has been released, what can be done to get a refund for unused phone time?

Refunds can be requested from incarcerated individual’s prepaid accounts 30 days or later following release. If requests are received prior to 30 days of release, they will not be processed, and must be resubmitted no sooner than 30 days after your release date.

Incarcerated Individual has 12 months from their release date to request a refund. Refund requests received after 12 months from the release date will not be processed.

After 12 months, any remaining funds will be turned over to the Texas Unclaimed Property Division, and you must file a claim with them for your funds: https://claimittexas.org/

The refund request form must be PRINTED and READABLE. If we cannot read the request, it will not be processed.

Incarcerated Individual will need to provide the following:

Any phone number from the incarcerated individual authorized calling list.

If the incarcerated individual did not have a phone number on the Authorized Calling List, leave this field blank.

NOTE: If the incarcerated individual had phone numbers on the Authorized Calling List, and does not fill in that field, the request will not be processed.

Date of birth

A complete mailing address so we can mail the refund check to the incarcerated individual.

To process a refund request more quickly, complete the incarcerated individual Telephone Account Refund Request form and mail it to:  

Texas Incarcerated Individual Telephone Account Refund

720 Western Blvd
Tarboro NC 27886