Securus Video Connect monthly subscription will now allow a payment option plan that allows users to subscribe to unlimited video sessions for a monthly subscription fee. The subscription will automatically renew and charge the users credit card on file.
Note: Refunds are not offered for missed sessions or the monthly subscription cost.

Securus Online

Securus Online Securus Video Connect will allow Family and Friends to take advantage of the promotions to subscribe to the monthly subscription service. The monthly service will have a subscription plan for each site, individually.

For example, a user may have a loved one at Jackson State Penitentiary in MO and one at N. Conway Municipal Jail in New Hampshire (2 different correctional agencies) and only choose to sign up for one site subscription instead of both.

  • Jackson State Penitentiary in MO- user decides to sign up for a subscription, this will allow unlimited video sessions each month by paying a monthly subscription fee. The subscription would automatically renew and charge the users credit card on file. Subscription is still subject to scheduling rules for each site.
  • N. Conway Municipal Jail in New Hampshire- decides not to sign up for a subscription- user would then pay for each video as they schedule and is subject to scheduling rules for each site.

Account Management Page

Users has an option to “Go Unlimited” next to each site that offers the feature (highlighted).

When the user selects “Go Unlimited”, the Subscription Pop-Up will appear.

If the user clicks Manage Account, they will be able to manage all their existing subscriptions. The user will be presented with:

  • Facility Name
  • The day upon which their subscription renews
  • The monthly cost
  • And the option to unsubscribe

Additionally, the user will be able to update their credit card information, with the display showing only the last four digits of the card they have on file.


When the user clicks “Unsubscribe” on the main page, they will be presented with a page where Securus Online will ask for the reason the F&F is canceling their subscription. This information will be compiled in a report for marketing. Once the F&F selects the reason, the option to unsubscribe will now be clickable.

After clicking unsubscribe, the user will be presented with another warning that they are about to unsubscribe. After clicking “Complete Cancellation”, the subscription will be cancelled. The user can choose to “Stay Enrolled” at every point during the cancellation. If the user clicks to stay enrolled in the service, then they will be sent back to the account management page.


When the user has unsubscribed from the subscription service or does not have an existing subscription at the facility where they are attempting to schedule a video session, the user will be presented with the option to subscribe at that time.

When the user already has the subscription service, the promo box will not appear. Instead, the user will be presented with the standard drop down to schedule their video session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Unlimited Video Visitation Subscription?

The Securus Video Connect Subscription offers unlimited video sessions for a recurring low monthly fee.

How does a user schedule a video session with a Video Subscription?

Scheduling a video session with Securus Video Connect Subscription follows the same process as scheduling a remote video session without the subscription.

Is there a limit to the number of video sessions users can schedule at one time?

Users can schedule up to three (3) video sessions at a correctional facility that supports the Video Subscription.

What if the user can’t make the video session they scheduled?

Users can always cancel or reschedule any video session they schedule with their Subscription.

Is there a limit to the number of video sessions users can make each month?

At any given time, users may schedule up to three video sessions at the correctional facility where they are subscribed.

What duration sessions will be eligible for the Video Subscription?

The subscription will allow users to visit for any length of time available at the facility where they are subscribed.

Does the monthly subscription cost include sales tax?

No, the monthly subscription cost does not include taxes. Appropriate taxes will be added upon purchase or renewal.

What if the user wants to cancel their Video Subscription before the end of their billing cycle?

Upon cancellation the user will still be able to use the Video Subscription until the end of the billing cycle, but the subscription will not renew thereafter.

Can a user use the Video Subscription to visit with more than one incarcerated individual?

Yes, the Video Subscription allows unlimited visitation to any incarcerated individual at the correctional facility where the user has signed up for the service.

If the user doesn’t schedule any video visits for a month while subscribed, do they get a refund?

The Video Subscription allows 30 days of video visits. Once paid, there are no refunds.

How does a user cancel their subscription?

Users will be able to cancel their subscription by selecting “Unsubscribe” next to the facility they would like to unsubscribe their subscription service.

Why does Securus need the users credit card information?

A credit card is required to renew the monthly Video Subscription.

How does a user update their credit card information?

Users can update their credit card under the Manage Account in your video subscription account.