To find out if your incarcerated individual has been suspended from phone privileges, contact the TDCJ unit where the incarcerated individual resides.

If you have any questions about registration/enrollment, please contact Securus TDCJ Registration at: 1-866-806-7804.

Please call 936-295-6371 and ask for the Incarcerated Individual Telephone Office to have any facility placed block removed.

Even if your Securus account balance is positive, there could be several other reasons why you are not receiving calls.

Is your balance enough to cover your call?

Did you press the wrong button and place a block on your line?

If yes, please proceed to Chat with a Live Agent

Your phone provider may have a collect call restriction on your line. Contact your phone provider to verify.

Incarcerated Individuals may not have access to phones during facility restrictions or a lock down

If you have a Direct Bill account, did you pay your last invoice in full and before due date? If you default on your Direct Bill account, it will automatically convert to Advance Connect account where you will need to pay in advance to receive calls.

Is this a new Telephone Number for you? For Texas Department of Criminal Justice, you must contact CenturyLink to enroll the new number? Call 1-866-806-7804

If the incarcerated individual has a Personal Allowed Number list, has your number been added to the list? Maybe no one was home to press # 1 and accept the call. (Incarcerated Individuals cannot leave voice messages)